Nuke Back To Active: CSGO Skins

This is old news, but for those who haven’t played for quite some time now (like me), Nuke has been put into Active Duty and Inferno to the Reserves. As a scrub who only plays for fun and to earn a few CSGO skins, I think it’s a refreshing change, as players who solely queue in Reserves will finally be able to try a new map. But is everyone else happy, especially those who play on Active Duty?

Nuke It Back Up: CSGO Skins

So far, a lot of pros have welcomed the switch. Adam Friberg, CSGO player for NiPGaming, not only likes the decision, but also believes that it’s the right one. He said “It was the correct call to remove inferno… It was the worst map in the map pool! Happy to see nuke back!”


Others in the pro scene, however, think it was a bad call. Esports historian and CSGO analyst Duncan Shields, more popularly known in the scene as Thorin, has said that it’s such a shame for Inferno to go. “Inferno has proven to be one of the most dynamic maps in history.  While dust2 is boring and cbble is predictable.” According to his tweet. Good then.

I, for one, having played Inferno in Reserves, agree with him so much that I’m willing to put my CSGO skins on the line, as there are truly a lot of approaches on the map for both teams, and it doesn’t give an advantages for either side – a problem that Nuke once had, or probably still has. It’s even the reason why it got removed from Active Duty in the first place, as the CTs had a huge advantage on it, to the point that there has been many CSGO cases where the Terrorist team winning three rounds on the map would already be considered as a “good game”. Thankfully, the map’s been reworked. And while it still favors CTs, it no longer does as badly as before.

So, what do you think of the change? Chime in on the comments section below. Give us a piece of your mind, because your opinion is as valuable to us as CSGO skins.

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