CSGO Skins: Bug Off

No game is perfect, as even the biggest AAA games have bugs and glitches. But that doesn’t mean game developers shouldn’t strive to make their games as polished as possible, especially in online games and eSports, where bugs and glitches can lead to unfair advantages for some players. One good example would be, obviously, CSGO.  I mean we all know

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CSGO Skins: Crackdown On…Valve?

The drive against CSGO skins betting sites continue. And as it does, in a (not-so)surprising turn of events, Valve itself is getting hit by the US government, as they too enable the very practice they want third-party sites to end. The Washington State Gambling Commission is demanding Valve to stop CSGO skins from being transferred through the Steam API, as

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CSGO Skins: What’s Happened To Betting

Now that the dust on the crackdown against CSGO skins gambling sites is settling down, we’ve begun to see how much money has been going around that underground trade. And perhaps there’s no better proof of this than CSGO lounge, which is perhaps the biggest CSGO betting site to be ever hit by Valve’s search-and-destroy efforts. According to report by

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CSGO Skins: A New Pro League?

The eSports scene of CSGO has always a divided and uneven one, with no semblance of a central hub that holds it together. But thankfully, with the Professional eSports Association, also known as PEA, that is about to change. Hopefully, with this new league founded, we’ll finally have new CSGO skins released soon. The PEA, which has been founded by

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CSGO Skins: AWP Tips Part 2

As promised, here are more tips for you AWP-toting CSGO players, regardless of whether your sniper has CSGO skins or not. We last left off with aggressive AWP-ing, specifically with one of its most basic yet most important techniques: quickscoping. Apparently we forgot to discuss the importance of aggressive AWPing. So, why the need for it? That’s because passive AWP-ing

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CSGO Skins – A Synopsis of Counter Strike


Counter strike is originally a mod of half-life. It was created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. Counter strike was under half-life before. Today, counter strike totally outnumbered half-life players. Some counter strike players do not even know that half-life gave birth to counter strike. The positive thing about counter strike is, they do not change the gameplay upon releasing

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In-Human Reaction Time for CSGO Keys Holders


Is it possible for a casual player to par with professional player’s reaction? A casual player only plays whenever he/she wants, while a professional player has daily routine to follow in order to maintain consistent game mechanics, especially reflexes. The thing is: is it possible for a casual player to improve his/her reflexes? Theoretically, it is impossible. Guided by proper

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