CSGO Case – Sniper/AWPER Roles on Competitive


AWP is one of the most powerful weapons in counter strike global offensive as it can kill an avatar with a single shot. However, AWP is very expensive which limits its exploitation on a game. Wherein, an AWPER being killed is a massive economical damage to a team.

Theoretically, an AWPER has roles to fill: aggressive and support AWPER. The difference is like night and day: a role that plays aggressively and plays conservatively.

CSGO Case: Aggressive AWPER


When we say aggressive AWPER, the first thing that comes to mind is an AWPER that goes in the front line and use its AWPER like an AK-47 or M4A1. It is a wrong perception of aggressive AWPER. The real aggressive AWPER still utilize range and play a little bit vigilant.

Aggressive AWPER’s play style is the same as an entry fragger. They pick enemy frags and blocks or distract an entry spot.

The goal of aggressive AWPER is to establish a threat in opposing team in order to put them on defensive stance which allows your team to play offensively.

Support AWPER

These are the folks who use fancy skins from cs go steam credits.

Support AWPER’s role is to support its team through throwing grenades for the entry fragger. After supporting its team mates, support AWPERS play defensively or more like a camper.

The goal of support AWPER is to throw grenades for entry fragger like a servant and to survive with its AWPER like a VIP.

When to Play Aggressive or Support?

Play as support AWPER when your team manages to bought an AWP on economy round.  You do not want lose the AWP or get it stolen by the opposing team.

Play as aggressive AWPER when your team has two AWP or has a huge advantage.


Discuss what you think about playing as support AWPER and aggressive AWPER in the community of people who offer csgo case in the csgo market!

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