CSGO Keys – What it is like to be a Pro Player


Gamers always have this dream of becoming a professional player, to make gaming a living; to do what they love to do. Usually, teens have this dream – to be a professional player. What they don’t know is the pressure of becoming professional player. It is not as simple as sitting in-front of a computer and play counter strike all day, although it is part of it. A professional player must be tolerant to frustration and stress.

CSGO Keys: a Job is a Job

At first, passionate people always used to say that they love what they do, but somewhere along the line, instead of looking at their job as passion, it becomes a job. When it transformed from passion into a job, surely, they will start to hate it because it is the stuff they do every day. Passion is like music. It is addicting at first. Lyrics’ meanings are easily grasped. As the music repeats itself, passion to the music recedes and meanings are slowly fading like a smoke until it is completely gone. When these two factors are gone, it is not music anymore, but noise.

If gaming becomes your job, playing a game all day would be your life. It would be fun and meaningful at first, but there will come a time that it would be just a job and meaningless.

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Dealing with Frustration

If you are easily pissed when someone in solo queue criticized your gameplay, then, do not even consider playing as a professional player. As a professional player millions of people are watching you. They will criticize even the smallest mistakes you could think of and bash you with it.

Retired Players


Think of retired players. At first, they are passionate on playing counter strike and competing around the world. They thought that they could play forever. Guess what? They retired one by one like bugs dying in front of their passionate bug zapper.


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