CSGO Keys – What Does Rank Means in Counter Strike?


Some people believe that using csgoskins make a person proficient. This is not true.

Ranking system of counter strike global offensive is somewhat inaccurate and accurate. It is inaccurate because there are times that you are teamed up with unskilled players. It is accurate because people in global elite are really good players.

In team games, the number of win and lose are not supposed to be the platform of measuring a player’s ranks. It could be an individual’s performance per game.

Counter strike is a team oriented game. Team performance weighs more than individual plays. Wherein, a team of average players but has synchronized movements, could defeat a team with superb players but unsynchronized team play.

CSGO Keys: the Legendary Rank Reset

It is not actually a rank reset. Rank reset often happens once in a while. What actually happened was rank decrease. Wherein, gold nova players were down to silver, while master guardian players thrown to gold nova, legendary eagle player were down to master guardian, and global elite down to master class and eagle.

Players’ ranks were decreased to balance the rank. There are players who manage to achieve high ranks through sheer luck.

Since almost all players had their rank decreased, players will still experience the same gameplay. Wherein, if you are gold, and down to silver, you are still against gold players who also been demoted to silver.

Chance of Winning


Probably, 50% of the game comes from your effort, while the remaining 50% is your team mates’ performance and team synchronization.

How to increase your chance of winning? Basically, do not talk. Talk when you are to share valuable information, but if it is just a comment keep it down.


In conclusion, rank is not just a measurement of a player’s individual skill. It is also a measurement of how you work with other players. And how long can you hold anger.


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