[Guide] CSGO AK-47 In-Depth Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 1


Ak-47 is one of the most powerful weapons in CS:GO. It can kill a player with one shot in the head, with or without armor. If used by the right hands, Ak-47 can be very lethal.

This weapon is exclusive for the terrorist. It is the M4A1-S for terrorist, but more powerful. However, M4A1-S is more accurate than Ak-47.

This guide talks about Ak-47’s: spray pattern, advantages, disadvantages and etc…

Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Overview


The Ak-47 costs $2700, which is cheap compared to counter terrorist’s M4A4, costs $3100. Basically, there is hardly a difference in the price. The extra $400 is a compensation for the extra accuracy provided by M4A4.

Using the weapon gives $300 per kill for competitive and $150 per kill for casual.

It is a powerful weapon that instantly brings death, if aimed accurately in the head (with or without armor.)

Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Spray Pattern


For budding CS:GO market shoppers, Ak-47’s recoil is very difficult to control, but the weapon has spraying pattern, which could provide control to accuracy. The spray pattern of Ak-47 goes 10 bullets upwards, 5 bullets to the right, 5 bullets left, and 10 bullets to the right. Therefore, to counter the first ten bullets, move the cursor downwards for first 10 bullets, then move it to left for the next 5 bullets going to the right, move it to right for another 5 bullets and finally, move it to the left for 10 bullets that are coming to the right.

At first, be familiar with the first 10 bullets and go in-depth later on. Practice through the walls, familiarize the firing rhythm, and then try it on Player Vs player. If all else fails, leave a comment below, I will do my best to reply to your inquiries.

Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Pros and Cons

A very popular weapon in csgo marketplace, even if you are a counter terrorist, you still have an opportunity to get an ak-47 in the battlefield.

The weapon surely kills an enemy if perfectly aimed at the head.

This weapon is quite heavy compared to M4A4.

It is a weapon that somewhat, really hard to master.

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