Dead Players Tell Tales for CS:GO market Shoppers


It would be fantastic if there is a cs go case upon dying.

Player’s whereabouts is crucial information, which makes communication between allies a key winning a round, or even a whole game.

Basically, most players’ interactions are about the strategy, and the enemy’s whereabouts.

Players feed information based on what they have seen, while player who has been seen has the opportunity to provide false information.

In this article, we are going to talk about dead bodies.

CSGO market: Dead Body


Upon dying a player has a total of 6 seconds to see his body for the last time, after 6 seconds the point of view is transferred somewhere, either becomes black or to another person’s point of view, which most of the time from an ally’s point of view.

Technically, when killed a player can’t do anything. Strategically, upon dying a person can still contribute to the team about how he is killed, and where the enemy is going. It is a 6 golden seconds for a dead player.

Telling a False Story

Since most of players will tell their team mates about the whereabouts of the enemy when they are killed, it is also a golden opportunity for the killer to take advantage of the intel he is about to give to the dead player. Example: you killed somebody at de_dust2 middle double doors, within the 6 seconds you took the way through bombsite A, and after 6 seconds, you changed your route and headed to bombsite B instead. What do you think did the dead player told his team mates? Dead player said “guys I got killed, and the guy is going to bombsite A. End of story, the whole team has been fooled.


Counter strike is a mind game. It has been a mind game from the start, only few people know about this. Upon dying be sure to provide information, but be sure it is precise. Upon killing someone, decide about the information you are going to feed.


Discuss what you think about counter strike’s dead body with csgo market shoppers.

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