CSGO market – Economy Rounds


We are not going to talk about the economy in the csgo market but mechanical stuff in counter strike global offensive.

Economy round is where players feel congested, limiting their weapon choices, and only purchasing cheap ones.

If you are new to counter strike, the question “why do we need to do eco rounds?” probably, sprung to your mind several times, the only answer you get is because it is a strategy.

Even in professional matches, pro teams also resort to eco rounds when they are on tight spot.

CSGO market – Operation Steal Guns


This is the main objective upon entering economy round. One of your team can turn it around upon stealing a gun. It is a free gun, coming from the enemy’s stash of cash. Technically, it is a huge damage to the opposing enemy team. Imagine getting a free gun from the enemy team and using the gun to kill them, feels good man.

Winning or losing your team benefits from economy round. If your team wins, you and your team mates get a free gun without spending a dime plus the money a team gets every round. If your team loses, you still get the money distributed every round.


Team composition can’t be executed without team members not having the proper gun. It is like cosplaying as carpenters and you don’t have hammers and the right tools to look like carpenters. Or you want to look like a doctor, but you don’t have a stethoscope.


It has a calming effect that allows players to relax before picking their desired gun; it is like taking an unofficial time out.

However, sometimes, if players are on tilt, it gives the opposite effect of tilting the players more rather than calming them, like being scammed in the csgo market of cs go skins. And it feels bad.

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