CSGO market – Factors to Consider


Counter strike is way too different from any other first person shooters out there. When a character is moving, the accuracy is reduced a lot. Wherein, while running you has a small percentage that you will hit the target, especially if you are using weapons with high recoil.

It is not easy to get used to the mechanics of counter strike. But when you get the hang of it you will be able to exploit its mechanics through muscle memory.

Do you want to improve in counter strike? Follow these tips.

CSGO market – Radar


Look at the radar frequently! It is there for a reason. It is a map where it feeds you information about the enemy’s location and looking at the map means looking at your team mate’s vision. Wherein, if your team mates see an enemy, you will be able to see that enemy on your radar and will be able to respond accordingly.

However, it is uncomfortable to look at your vision and taking a glimpse at the radar at the same time. Just be sure that you are not vulnerable when you are going to take a glance at the radar. Take cover whenever you take a quick glance.


Your money is not your money. It is the team’s money. Basically, your team mates don’t want anyone to randomly buy something, you have to cooperate with them what to buy, whether your team is going to go economy mode.

There are roles. Example: if someone is nominated as an AWP user, and the person does not have sufficient money to buy AWP, and you have, buy that person an AWP, and he will give you a weapon in exchange, like his current weapon.

Crosshair Placement

This is very important, yet neglected all the times. Place your crosshair on where an enemy is likely to show. This is not simple. You have to have tons of experience in the map before you could do this efficiently.


Unfortunately, skill could not be found in the csgo market. People only buy csgo skins.

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