Glock Burst Firing Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers


Glock has two modes: burst fire and automatic. Burst firing allows the glock to fire 3 rounds with just a single tap. When on burst fire, glock becomes inconsistent, while on automatic is where the accuracy of glock becomes top notch. Imagine burst firing as mini shotgun, hardly hitting the targets at long range.

In this article, we are going to talk about when, why, we need to switch to burst firing.

Glock Burst Firing Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers: 3 Bullets – I Love You

3 bullets are enough to send someone to spectate the whole game for a round, only if the 3 bullets go straight into the player’s head. With armor or without armor, it is a guaranteed kill. Unfortunately, it rarely happen during mid range shootouts, as the bullet pattern is inconsistent.

Burst fire may seem incontrollable, but actually, it is possible to send 3 bullets straight. Try burst firing the glock without pulling down the cursor. Now, try burst firing the glock while pulling down the cursor.  Still has no effect? Try firing the glock and applying motion. It may not work at first. It takes a lot of practice.

Glock Burst Firing Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers: When to Burst Fire

Since glock became a mini shot gun on burst mode, use burst firing on close range combats, and switch to automatic on long range shootouts. The thing is: glock has a second or two delay upon switching modes. Wherein, a player who suddenly needs to switch modes has to wait for a second before firing, which inefficient. What if the enemy suddenly appears?

Glock Burst Firing Tips for Glocl CS:GO market Shoppers: Pros & Cons


Burst firing allows the user to instantly kill an enemy within short distances.

It is possible to control where the bullets are going, but takes a lot of practice.


Sometimes it is a drag because of its inconsistent fire rate, and the delay upon shooting.

Burst firing is almost useless in long range, if not practiced.


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