Counter Terrorist Team Overview for CS:GO market shoppers

Throughout the years of counter strike in the gaming industry, casual gamers viewed counter terrorist and terrorist similar (except the appearance,) while it is not. There are several differences between counter terrorist and terrorist. Hardcore gamers must have noticed this already, but for casual gamers, they probably not.

This article will provide information specifically about counter terrorist, regarding their starting point, weapons and advantages against terrorist


CS Team Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Starting Point/Spawn Point

The starting points of counter terrorist depend on the game mode, disregarding the map. Basically, in “defuse mode” counter terrorist always far away from the bomb site. However, since the terrorist’s vantage point is the bomb site, the territory of counter terrorist spreads which an advantage to consider for the counter terrorist.

In the mode hostage rescue, counter terrorists are still in the offensive with the same advantage – wide territory. Terrorist are expected to protect the hostages, in which they might take the hostages with them, though it is a risky move or they may reposition the hostages for the counter terrorist to have a hard time finding them.

The respective CS:GO market and csgo trading may give a player an advantage regardless of their team.

CS Team Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Weapons

The weapons of counter terrorist are expensive compared to terrorist. However, these weapons are accurate, but deal unnoticeably less damage. Not to mention, counter terrorist’s weapons are much cooler than terrorist, in some people’s preferences.

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CS Team Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Advantages and Disadvantages against Terrorist

In some game modes, counter terrorist always have the widest territory, but counter terrorist are always on the offensive.

The weapons of counter terrorist are much more accurate than terrorist, but fairly expensive.


In conclusion, there are no real advantage that counter terrorist may have against terrorist. Basically, all of them can buy the same armor and possess the same health points. They die with a shot in the head, die in 3 hits through the body and die with one bullet of a sniper rifle. They are just people.

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