CSGO market – Let’s Scout Some Kids


Scout’s skins are the least popular cs go case in the csgo market due to its weak firepower.

Scout is considered as the weaker version of AWP. Most of the time, it requires two shots to kill with this thing, although there are times that it will depend entirely on the user.

Scout is always compared to AWP, like a child being compared as inferior to the superior brother/sister.

As often as not, scout is a different gun. It has its own advantage against AWP, being its damage inferior compared to AWP.

In terms of raw power, AWP may probably the best sniper rifle in the game. Looking into utility, scout is one of the superior guns out there.

CSGO market – Mobility

Mobility is one of the adorable aspects of scout. Holding scout is almost like holding a pistol or a knife. It is a light gun that offers superior fire power despite its weight.

Holding scout and knife barely have a difference.


Some players might not notice, scout is more accurate than AWP. It is not superior in accuracy in terms of standing still, but accuracy regeneration. Notice that upon moving, the crosshair blurs? When the crosshair blurs, it means that the shot would be inaccurate. And scout is faster to recover from this blurriness than any sniper rifles out there.

In exchange of these advantages, the scout’s firepower is lessened almost by half compared to AWP.

Jump Scout


With fast recovery on that blurriness, scout is the only sniper rifle capable of executing an accurate jump shot.

In order to jump shot, fire a shot upon falling. It is where the crosshair becomes visible, meaning, the shot is accurate. Jump shot is somewhat an advanced technique for scout which is kind of frustrating upon using it at first.

The more you use the scout, the more you will be able to grasp its faster recovery rate of blurriness which transcends into precise timing of jump scout.

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