CSGO Market Players Playing in Solo Mode


There are times that we encounter bad days. If I mean bad days I mean streaks of defeats in playing CSGO. Well its normal due to players is skilled and more skilled. Players who dominates its own battlefield often experience the bad days of the game since they are need to play more and they are serious about it. Think about these CSGO Market players playing the game in series of hours experience more playing time and more matches to play.

CSGO Market: Players in Bad Days


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Here are the few things you might want to do if you are experiencing a bad day or having series of defeats in a day;

  • Play with bots – by playing with bots, your stress in your previous games will be lessen since for sure you will dominate the bots as you attack them in their flank. Your mind will be refreshing for a while since you are experiencing a relief since your having a bad day playing with other players.
  • Try other play style – there are times that you are experiencing a hard time with your play style. For example you are comfortable playing as an assault rifle kind of person but in your game you end up dying fast or dying first. You are comfortable with it but you end you stressing yourself because you die often. Why don’t you change it for a while and try other weapons? Like a sniper rifle.
  • SWEARING IS NOT BAD – this will surely release the stress and bad moon in you. Well not at all since some people might think that you’re the bad person as you swear your stress out. But somehow this is one of the most effective ways to release the bad spirit inside you. HAHAH!

Players in Playing Multiplayer

Once you’ve released your entire bad mood and bad luck, try again to play the multiplayer and try to kick their ass and dominate the battle field. If all things went bad again, well you should stop playing for the day and try again the other day. REST, PLAY, REPEAT as others say.

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