CSGO market – Playing Counter Strike for the First Time


Learning to play is one of the most exciting parts of counter strike, especially when playing with friends. There is this moment of every round that you can’t stop laughing. Perhaps, it is the best part of counter strike – when everybody is learning to play. When everybody started to improve, the environment starts to change. We got this aroma of saltiness in the air; it is what we call the aura of seriousness. It is an uncomfortable feeling, but exciting as hell. And these feelings are the reason why counter strike is one of the best games around the world.


As counter strike transcend from a simple casual game to transition to the existence of cs go steam key market.

CSGO market: Winning and Losing

Nobody has ever played a game saying that they want to lose. Everybody plays a game to aspire victory. It is a bittersweet process. When you lose, the more you will aspire to win; the more you win, the less rewarding it becomes. It is like playing see-saw. You neither want to be at the top nor at the bottom. You want it to keep elevating you up and smashing you down.

Casual and Competitive

Playing casually is more fun than playing competitive. Playing competitive is stressful. You have to improve everyday as your competitors will do so. Casual players have less stress as they can easily accept losing. For competitive gamers, being crushing is a heart breaking moment.

It is in the person’s nature if he is competitive or not. But trust me, being a competitive player is a rocky road, but rewarding. The sensation of winning is the best feeling in the world.

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Play competitively when you have time. Play casual when you don’t have time. And buy csgo skins to enhance visual experience!


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