CSGO market – The Lurk


Of all the roles in counter strike global offensive, ‘the lurk’ is the most exciting. Imagine sneaking through the enemy like a ninja and pick them one by one or pass the information on your team mates regarding the enemy’s current position.

The lurk goes how it sounds, it goes through around the map to scout or to stall the enemy’s rear line and to bring confusion over the enemy team.

CSGO market – Diversion


Creating diversion is one of the jobs of lurker. Imagine a scene in de_dust2 where one of your team mates is killed in the middle and you have not seen any of terrorist, while your team is defending Bombsite A. Can you guess the number of terrorist going through middle? This would bring further confusion to your team because some of your team mates might think that the enemy is pushing middle while it is just the lurker who is there. On the other hand, the terrorist’s main force is going to bombsite B.


A good lurker has a good gamesense. A sense where he reacts efficiently when he saw a flash bang thrown by the enemy, it is a valuable piece of information, seeing the enemy throw something. With this information, the lurker could tell the number of the enemy by simply seeing a flash being thrown.

Good gamesense is acquired through experience. There is no way that someone who just started playing counter strike global offensive would have a good gamesense for the first time.


Practice is the key. Don’t be hard on yourself if you got pounded by your team mates (trashtalk) and enemies when lurking. It takes time to get used to stalking 5 people at the same time.

Watching professional players and mimicking their play style is a good way to improve.


A lurk sounds dark, therefore, browse in the csgo market for dark cs go skins that will suit the role!

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