CSGO market – The Power of Mouse


If cs go case and skins believed to improve one’s gameplay, let’s believe more on the mouse that is on the csgo market.

All the time, we see professional players use expensive gaming mice. And it makes a lot of people wonder about gaming mice, do they really need one in order to play as efficient as professional players?

Basically, a mouse is almost the same as a pen. If you have a really good penmanship, you can pretty much write attractive letters using any kind of pen. The same goes for mouse. If you are really good in the game, it does not really matter if you have a gaming mouse or not. However, gaming mice has features that an ordinary mice don’t have which sometimes a real game changer. Sometimes, it just makes things more complicated.

Here are some reasons why professional players use gaming mice and keyboard.


CSGO market – Advertisement

They do it for money, period. They are not going to use these fancy mice just because they are cool. They are doing it because they can make money with it. Imagine: you really like csgo and there is this player you really adore. And you see this folk use this certain mice. Of course, as a fan you will search the mouse’s brand and the model which is a direct traffic increase for the mouse’s company.

DPI (Dots per Inch)

Gaming mice often offer massive amounts of DPI. This is extraordinary for regular mouse to have. However, having tons of DPI does not mean that the mouse can function really well. DPI is almost the same as sensitivity: the higher the numbers the faster the mouse.


Regular mice don’t have the capability for DPI adjustments which is always available on gaming mice. Furthermore, some gaming mice have multiple buttons on its side which could be used on various purposes.

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