CSGO Skins – 6th Sense Development

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Upon hearing 6th sense, the first thing that comes to mind is ghosts. Unfortunately, we are not going to talk about ghosts here. We are going to talk about how to see enemies as ghosts, you can’t actually see them, but you can sense them.

Most of the players in counter strike especially new players are focused solely on the crosshair. Even worse, they are not even taking a glimpse at the radar which is a vital source of information when it comes to the enemy’s position.

With this crappy article, I am going to try and develop your crappy 6th sense and climb the ranking ladder of counter strike global offensive.

CSGO Skins – Game Knowledge

Try to analyze each map, or the map you want to focus. Watch a game where you can see the rotation of both counter terrorist and terrorist. This way, you will be able to predict the enemy’s position without looking at the radar too often. This skill is difficult to acquire. It will take a lot of time before being able to predict using game knowledge, vast game knowledge.


CSGO skins collectors are not even aware of their surroundings. They are only looking at their precious cs go skins.

A player’s surrounding is pretty much covered by the radar. So, look at that thing at top left of the screen.

With frequent training a player can develop its peripheral vision to look at the radar instead of moving the eyes at the top left of the screen; wherein, in counter strike every split second is important.

An important reflex is looking at the radar upon hearing gunfire or unknown footsteps.

Focusing Way too Much on the Crosshair

The crosshair is really important, very important that we disregard other things like occasionally looking at the radar or grasping the situation in order to predict the enemy’s position. Looking at this tiny thing costs a player a lot, practice not focusing on this little thing alone but on the whole game. It is not all about aiming good, but also being able to position yourself which would make aiming a lot easier.

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