CSGO Skins Assault Tips Part 2: CT Style

Alright, we’re done catering to terrorists. This time around, we’ll be teaching our CT friends the proper approach on the map. After all, they need it a lot, as they’re already at a disadvantage. So if you and your CSGO skins are joining their ranks, then you better read up.

In Assault, it’s not easy when you’re on the outside trying to get in. That’s why you don’t; instead, you wait for terrorists coming out from the main entrance and the back.

For the main entrance, never pass by directly in front of it, as there could be snipers. And don’t even think about finding a way to get to the farther side of the entrance to get clean shots on anyone coming out: nobody smart enough will. Instead, snipe from the elevated platform. Trust me, you can see a good part of the warehouse from there.


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You can also choose to climb from the stairs at the back entrance and onto the rooftop. From there, you can almost literally shoot out terrorist fish from a warehouse barrel through the glass parts of the roof. But be warned: they can shoot back, so be sure that you’re not in their line of sight and fire…while they’re in yours.

And last but definitely not least, the back entrance. There are two of them: one on the ground, and the other second floor, along the fire escape staircase. Be careful when you’re trying to enter either of the two, as terrorists from can come out from the other one and pop a cap on you with their gun with CSGO skins. Therefore, the best way to do this is by having you and a friend stay on or near the alley by the back entrance, and have each of you guard a door. This way, you will be able to see from which door the terrorists will be coming out from, and snipe them.

Once you think it’s already clear, proceed to enter or climb. And if you’re going to do the former, make sure to look around and be aware, in case that there are still terrorists around.

Assault is one of the more difficult maps in the Reserves Duty, Buy hopefully, with these tips, you can now carry your team to victory, and yourself to a helping of EXP and one of those snazzy CSGO skins, in this rather tricky scenario.

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