CSGO Skins: Bringing Back The Graffiti

Back in Counter-Strike 1.3 to 1.6, maps always looked like slices of the urban ghetto, as they’re always littered with graffiti. Because whatever practical purpose the spray paint originally served – most likely for marking key areas – was completely forgotten, as it instead was often used to straight-up vandalize the walls with the spray for no apparent reason. After all, there’s nothing better to do than press T on any flat surface as you head to your destination. Such a shame graffiti didn’t make the cut in CSGO. But then again, not a lot of people noticed, as players are too busy admiring their CSGO skins. Or so I think. Because Valve brought back the graffiti sprays, and (almost) everyone’s been spazzing about it. Or, once again, so I think.

CSGO Skins: Writings On The Wall


Let me repeat the good news: graffiti are back. Once again, terrorists and counter-terrorists alike can litter the map and make it look like a hip-hop/protestor neighborhood. So if you miss vandalizing the battlefield, then now’s your chance. If you get them as a reward for getting your rank up, or buy them from the Steam market, that is. And if you think that’s not bad enough, then maybe the fact that you can only use them fifty times will change your mind.

Sucks, right? But hey, at least people got their nostalgic, even though it’s not how they wanted it to be granted. Well, personally, I think it’s a bit of a letdown that they didn’t bring graffiti back as a feature that was for everyone, the same way it used to be in the game’s previous iterations. But at the same time, I really don’t mind not having it, to the point that I’d probably not buy one, or trade one for CSGO skins in case I get one.

All in all, it’s not exactly my cup of tea, since spray-painting isn’t one of the things I missed in CSGO. But nevertheless, it’s a welcome addition, and I do hope that one of these days Valve actually listens to the fans who want it for free and give it to them. I mean, extras like spray-painting and CSGO skins make the game a lot more fun.

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