CSGO Skins: Bug Off

No game is perfect, as even the biggest AAA games have bugs and glitches. But that doesn’t mean game developers shouldn’t strive to make their games as polished as possible, especially in online games and eSports, where bugs and glitches can lead to unfair advantages for some players. One good example would be, obviously, CSGO.  I mean we all know the game is far from flawless, but these bugs are just…laughable, especially for a name as big as CSGO. Don’t worry though, there are no bugs with CSGO Skins, but the rest, well…just check them out.

As of now, there are four noticeable bugs in the game. First would be that weapons can be picked up through walls. Imagine, a pro player who knows of this particular glitch killing an opposing player with a really good gun by wallbanging. He gets a free kill and a free gun. Talk about a double whammy.


CSGO Skins: Three Other Bugs

Another bug that can cause a bit of an unfair advantage would be the fact that if you run across a particular terrain, you’ll get a boost in movement speed, it’s almost you’re playing Mario Kart and you went over a speed ramp. Seriously, when did CSGO become Mario Kart? And can we get a glitch like, I don’t know, free CSGO skins, instead?

There’s also the problem when it comes to smoke grenades, as it sometimes reveals where you are instead of hiding it from your enemies. So, maybe next time, you might not want to use smokes, as this bug can give you a problem instead of an advantage.

And lastly, sometimes replay downloads get corrupted. And if that happens, it becomes hard for players to create their own walkthroughs, let’s play, or even doing something as simple as reviewing their own performance. If you’re a content creator or a competitive player, then this bug can be quite problematic.

So, have you encountered these bugs before? Well, we hope you don’t, unless it’s for your advantage. And truly, we can only hope for a CSGO skins generating bug for all of us players, but hey, that’s not how it goes.

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