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We are not talking about cs go skins and its market. We are going to talk about the

Counter strike is a team game. A player’s money is not his money; it is his team’s money. Take for example, the team’s AWPER does not have enough money to buy an AWP, he can only buy Ak-47, while someone in the team can buy an AWP. What will happen is the person who can buy an AWP gives an AWP to the AWPER and the AWPER will provide an AK-47. It is a good trade, efficient too.

CSGO skins: Economy Rounds

Economy round is saving round, which means the team should conserve money in order to full buy in the next couple of rounds.

Why do we need to save? Basically, saving is to complete a composition. If a team does not save, their composition won’t be complete, like getting 2 AWP and 3 fraggers. It completes the composition.

When a team does not save, there is only a single or two players with proper equipment the rest only has pistol and sub machine guns.

We all perceive that sub machine guns are inferior to rifles. In fact, yes, but in some rounds sub machine gun tolls higher efficiency than rifles. In the early game, people do not have armor, which makes sub machines guns efficient. Furthermore, buying ak-47 in the early round is taking the risk of the ak-47 being stolen.

Full Buy Rounds


Full buy round is where rifles shine: ak-47, M4A4. In full buy rounds, expect the enemies to wear armors, which armors are pierced by rifles.

Full buy rounds happen after economy rounds. Basically, if the enemy is on economy round, expect them to full buy in the next couple of rounds.

Remember full buy rounds does not guarantee a win.


Economy only plays a mini role in counter strike global offensive. It is still about aiming and positioning.

Economy only serves as tie breaker between players who are both good at aiming and positioning.


Discuss what you think about economy with csgo skins collectors.

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