CSGO Skins eSports Show: Best Reality TV

Aside from getting CSGO skins based on them, CSGO players who are a part of the eSports scene also get a bit of airtime, as there are TV channels that show eSports competitions. But despite their exposure, they’re hardly considered as TV stars. That, however, is about to change, because there’s an upcoming reality TV show about, well, CSGO eSports players.

The International Format Group, a studio whose focus is making technology-centered shows, will be producing Gamerz, a reality TV show that will be about putting together a CSGO esports team.

There will be thousands of auditioning gamers, who will be screened according to their in-game skills and not their acting ability. And among those thousands, only a dozen will be selected to join the show proper. These remaining twelve will then be taken to a “state-of-the-art gaming facility”, where they will be streamed all day every day for a month.

And in that particular month, they will be fighting each other in a series of elimination challenges and regular live matches. At the end of it all, only five winners will come out, and each of them will be offered a Gamerz contract, and will have the title of “professional eSports player”.  Hopefully winning includes a few CSGO skins as prizes.


Beyond CSGO Skins: eSports Reality TV

To put it into the simplest of terms, it’s a high-tech reality show-format eSports team screening. And it’s open for everybody; anyone who’s interested can either register at the Gamerz website, or going to the Intel Booth at Dreamhack Winter, an event which will take place in Jonkoping, Sweden on November 24-26. Time to sell your CSGO skins for plane tickets.

And while it seems like the show is limited to Sweden as of now, it’s set to get bigger along the way. “Given the great interest it is particularly gratifying that we have created a unique opportunity for all the talents out there who want to become esports professionals,” according CEO Fredrik Ivansson. “We start in Sweden but the ambition is bigger than that – the next step is to launch globally”. Hopefully this happens sooner than later.

So, want to be the next reality TV show star and CSGO eSports player all at the same time? With Gamerz, now’s your chance.

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