CSGO Skins – The Future of Counter Strike


Counter strike has been in existence for a long time. And counter strike remains as counter strike ever since. There are only minimal changes like graphics improvement, new weapons, new maps, gameplay mechanics and cs go skins. There are no new grenades or weapons that will entirely change the gameplay, like adding futuristic grenade that chases opponent.

In fact, counter strike has released a riot shield, which removed in the next version. Riot shield was a game changing feature of counter strike that has been removed.

CSGO Skins: Assumptions


Counter strike is somewhat based in gulf war. Wherein, terrorists are planting bombs while counter terrorist are trying to hinder them. This was in the past. We are currently living in a modern world where drones and heat seeking grenades are now weapons in hand by the military. On the other hand, counter strike is way too behind, using generic rifles, Molotov and pop grenades.

We hope that in the near future, counter strike would be able to introduce balanced futuristic weapons that make the game immersive as its first release.

the Problem

If the developers are going to revamp the game into a modern warfare, the game will entirely change. Wherein, the classic counter strike fans would hate while new fans are going to admire it.

In an update where grenades chase down folks, and goggles that see through walls, with these mechanics it will be a brand new game. And it is really hard to balance, and map creation is going to be really tricky.


Counter strike and its gameplay is pretty popular right now. There is no way that they are going to change the game suddenly. Therefore, counter strike’s gameplay is going to remain the same for the next few years.


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