Introduction to Angle for CS:GO skins Collectors


The map is de_dust2. The game starts. A player from counter terrorist team goes to long A. He holds double doors through peeking from a corner. Fortunately, no soul is on sight. The player waits a little longer. Within 20 seconds, and no enemy appears. He is thinking of invading the T spawn. After 10 seconds of waiting, somebody finally peeks. With a single shot, the terrorist instantly dies a clean headshot.

Why did the terrorist die? How can the “counter terrorist” instantly kills the terrorist? From a budding counter strike global offensive player’s perspective, it is almost impossible to kill someone less than a second. The answer is simple – angle.

Angle Overview for CS:GO skins Collectors: Angle. What is it?

Basically, angle is a common camping spot. It is a certain position where a player can easily take a shot, gaining tremendous aiming advantage through positioning. Wherein, victim is on disadvantage not because he exposed himself first, but also the positioning. There are bad angles, also bad angles, which will be discussed later.

Technically, angles are camping spots, a spot that covers common routes in the game.

Angle Overview for CS:GO skins Collectors: Bad Angles

Bad angle is camping in a spot that has more than one opening. Take for example the cars in de_dust2. It is a position that has three openings: the catwalk, long A’s double doors, and ct spawn. Without the necessary information of the enemy’s whereabouts, taking the cars as an angle is risky, although, the cars is a good spot against enemies coming from the cat walk.

Utilizing the cars against enemies coming from the catwalk allows the player in the cars to pop flash, and take cover – a crucial factor in angles.

Angle Overview for CS:GO skins Collectors: Offensive Angles

Upon breaching an opponent on a certain angle, expect the fact that the offensive party always has the disadvantage.

How can a player in disadvantage win against player who has the upper hand? Basically, it is all about being familiar in the angle. If the attacking party is familiar with the angle, they will have an idea where the enemy is aiming, and descriptively avoid that spot.


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