CSGO skins – Planting the Bomb


From the first release of counter strike to cs go steam, the terrorists uses the same password when planting the bomb.

When planting a bomb, it is like taking a dump on a grass at the middle of nowhere, being worried that someone might pass-by and actually see someone releasing a dark menacing little orbs.

Bomb defusal mode is encrypted within counter strike. The mode is popular that even the latest version of counter strike still uses it, moreover, at the same scenario: de_dust2, de_dust with the same mechanics.

Counter strike’s gameplay is repetitive and the updates. The only thing that does not repeat is the developer’s facial hair spots.

CSGO skins: Vulnerability


Planting a bomb takes a lot of time to plant, which makes a terrorist vulnerable, especially when caught at the middle planting. When planting the bomb, the first emotion of a terrorist is mixed emotions of anxiousness and fear.

However, the joy of successfully planting a bomb is like being able to release something so big in a toilet bowl. After planting the bomb, it is time to defend it, pretty much like dumping a gold bar, and defending it full force.

When the bomb is planted, it is a mystery how counter terrorists manage to know that the bomb has been planted, but has no idea where exactly its position. It is either counter terrorists have keen nose to track the bomb (shit) or the terrorist fart way too loudly that sufficient enough for the counter terrorist to overhear.

It’s time to Smell it

The turn of fate bring it to this point where the counter terrorists have to defuse (clean the shit) or it will explode (smell terribly) and it is a winning round for folks who wants to engulf the world with terror (terror smell), while the hand of justice shall prevent (clean) this from happening.

Factors to Consider

A player is vulnerable when planting a bomb, be sure to look around before planting it.

Bomb is the center of everything. It is where some non-worthy argument goes.


Discuss what you think about planting the bomb with csgo skins.

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