Invading Bombsite A for CSGO Skins Collectors Part 3


In the last two parts, we talked about the method on how to breach bombsite A. In this part, we are going to discuss things that threaten the strategy.

In fact, the strategy discussed in the previous part is quite popular. When executing the strategy expect to be countered a lot. However, it is better than nothing, like a blind folded guy, walking in daylight.

CSGO Skins: Goose


There are tons of cs go skins based on teams and other stuff. But there is no such skin based on goose.

Goose is position for counter terrorist to take. It is a convenient spot where a player could take cover when needed, a quick escape route when cornered, and most of all it is not visible upon entering the center of bombsite A.

Furthermore, goose is out of molotov’s range, which makes a player that camps on goose hard to fend. It is like killing a cockroach that hides under sofa, and there is a threat, the cockroach will fly upon finding it.


The AWPER positioned in the cars is the real threat when taking control over bombsite A, especially if the AWPER positioned in the cars is really good. Without a smoke grenade, a good AWPER could actually wipe a whole team invading bombsite A.

However, even with smoke grenade, the AWPER could still pick kills with ease as the cars spot is really flexible, which allows the AWPER to change angel, and position upon being blocked by smoke grenade.

Taking another AWPER is a viable choice, but since the AWPER of counter terrorist is already on position, expect disadvantage.


Do not expect the other team to fully defend bombsite A, and all counter strike members are camping. There will be other members to roam around the map, and once they confirmed that all terrorist are invading bombsite A coming from the middle’s cat walk, the roaming counter terrorist may take the same route and strike the terrorist at the back, killing all five of them. There should be someone or two to roam around.


Discuss what you think about conquering the bombsite A with csgo skins collectors.

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