CSGO Trading – First Time in Solo Queue


I have always been the guy who plays with friends; however, this time, I wanted to try something new and play a game, separated from my group of friends to have a different perspective, if you know what I mean.

For those who have been playing games alone in their lives, you have done a great job. Playing competitive games or MMORPG without companion is like taking a walk inside an old factory, alone with machines.

At first, solo queue is hell of a fun. You don’t have to make an effort to impress your friends. Literally, you can be as dumb as you want. As time passes by, solo queue became more and more annoying each day, especially if you are serious and your team mates are just trolling. It will make you want to punch the wall.

CSGO Trading – Team Mates

I’m not really good at the game; I’m your mediocre guy who can decently position and aim. In counter strike global offensive solo queue, I just learned that it is possible to be admitted in the elite counter-terrorism task force even though you don’t know how to use guns.

The greatest gift of solo queue is you will encounter different people and you will learn how harsh and frustrating the world becomes with so much population.



A realization that will suddenly come to you upon playing hundreds of solo queue games is “you can’t do stuff alone.” There will be tons of times that you will blame your team mates and wanted your friends to play counter strike global offensive and don’t wanted to because they are currently playing overwatch.


I commend those people who manage to climb up to global elite with just themselves. You guys are super-humans, withstanding all those frustrations and your iron fist because I know; you have punched the wall many times.

In conclusion, solo queue is playing with monkeys. You don’t have to take them seriously. And sometimes, playing with monkeys is hell of a fun.


One more thing: csgo trading is fun too and collecting cs go skins!

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