CSGO Trading – Important Factors


Basically, there are two main factors in counter strike’s bomb defusal mode: the bombsite and the bomb. The bombsite is owned by the counter terrorist while the bomb is from terrorist.

With these two main factors, counter terrorist and terrorist will be securing positions, which is key to achieving the main factors.

In a professional gamer’s point of view, every map is like playing a different game. Yes, you are playing the same game, but you are not in the same map. The same strategies won’t work on various maps. And this makes map an important factor too.

CSGO Trading – Roles

In the past, there are no roles. Players pick whatever guns they want and go around the map, being scattered. As long as the player can aim better, they don’t need strategy.

Today, counter strike evolved, not just by adding global offensive on its title, but a lot of factors such as player roles have been introduced.

Player role is a task assignment for each player to accomplish a certain goal. If all five players accomplished their given role, the team has a control over the round and would most likely win.


It is a huge advantage for a team when their enemy backs away, losing a position. When a team loses a position, especially the bombsite, is like letting the enemy take advantage. It is like letting a bully abuse.

Acquiring a position does not mean winning. It depends on both team’s state. Example: If the terrorist got bombsite A in de_dust2, they must not let counter terrorist to have middle.



Roles and strategy are relative. Strategy is the blueprint while roles are the tools to make the strategy possible.

There is no absolute strategy. Devising a strategy is like thinking whether to go rock, paper, or scissors.


Another huge part of counter strike global offensive is their csgo trading market of cs go caes.

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