CSGO Trading – Mouse Guide


It is not cs go skin, but mouse that has realistic contribution to your performance. And this fact is missed by the csgo trading community.

Counter strike players buy csgo skins, but relatively forget to buy a good mouse. In fact, any mouse would definitely work fine. It does not have to be a gaming mouse, mice that cost a lot. However, as a FPS gamer, you would want to use a mouse that has customizable DPI, and this function is usually on gaming mice. It does not have to be a known brand, as long as you can manipulate the DPI, it would solve everything mouse related problems.

CSGO Trading – Sensitivity

In terms of sensitivity, some us tend to go to the Wikipedia of professional players where we view their personal setting: sensitivity, hardware and more. As a fan of a specific player, we tend to copy their settings which sometimes would work but most of the time won’t work.

Sensitivity is a personal preference. There is no magic digit that would allow you to aim perfectly and comfortably.

In order to acquire your sensitivity of comfort, you have to experiment a lot. Try multiple settings and see which setting that is comfortable for you.



Company of gaming hardware tends to brag about their gear’s capability like bragging about a certain mouse that has thousands of DPI. And people are like “Oh shit, got to have that mouse with thousands of DPI. It would surely make me better in the game.”

DPI stands for dots per inches. It works the same as sensitivity, the higher DPI, the more sensitive the mouse becomes.

To have a good control, it comes with a good combination of DPI, control panel’s sensitivity and in-game sensitivity.


There is nothing special about gaming mice. They are special mice that can manipulate the DPI which is a regular mouse does not have. If you are a gamer that hops around computer and wanted to preserve your setting, then you might want to own one.

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