CSGO Trading – Playing CSGO on a PS3 or xBox360 Controller


In an age where mouse and keyboard have various designs. The time has also come in counter strike to have cs go skins and play in a console’s joystick.

Most people may have played their first counter strike game on a keyboard and mouse. Playing counter strike using a console’s controller will feel like playing a complete different game.

It is a matter of being used to something. Console folks may prefer a ps3 controller than a keyboard and mouse, while PC warriors prefer mouse and keyboard for playing counter strike.

CSGO Trading: Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard


it is like how people argue during csgo trading sessions is how this discussion never cease to exist.

The difference is identical to playing fighting games using an arcade stick and console controller. There is absolutely nothing. The thing is most people use a particular controller on a particular game. Take for example smash bros. People do not use an arcade stick on smash bros, but its original controller.

Taking a closer look on controllers, it is neither a matter of getting used to a controller nor not getting used to it, but what the community dictates. This sounds not plausible at all, but it is true. Like how you see a professional player use a keyboard and mouse on counter strike makes you want to use a keyboard and mouse too.

Controller (ps3/xbox)


Controllers are designed for gaming. However, it is not where people are used to when playing first person shooters. First person shooter first came out in PC the game was called ‘Wolfenstein.’ Later on, counter strike popularized the genre and soon consoles like playstation followed.

If there is an advantage when playing on a controller, it will be the simplicity of button arrangement.

Keyboard and Mouse

Sometimes playing on keyboard and mouse feels somewhat uncomfortable and heavy. Unlike playing on a controller (ps3) both hands are millimeters away from each other, which is comfortable, but stiff.

If there is an advantage on playing keyboard and mouse, it is the possible customization of the controls.


Discuss which is better with csgo trading fanatics in the csgo market!

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