CSGO Trading – The Scout


In the csgo trading world, the scout’s cs go skins are not popular as AWP.

The scout is really an underrated sniper rifle. It is like the brother of AWP. Wherein, AWP gets all the praise while the scout gets all its faults for not being able to kill a player with a single shot.

However, like everybody else says, everybody is unique.

The scout is a special weapon with unique features like being able to hit an opponent while jumping which AWP can’t do. Furthermore, the price of the scout is relatively cheap to what it can provide to the player and the team.

In my opinion, the scout is as effective as the AWP if you know how to use it and spend a lot of time practicing how to use it.

CSGO Trading – Movement Speed


The scout has a tremendous movement speed advantage against AWP. If running with AWP feels like you have 5 iron balls, running with scout will make you feel like running with no balls at all.


In terms of standing still, AWP and scout have the same accuracy, but in terms of running and jumping, scout has the upper hand. Notice the crosshair to blur upon moving? The scout is faster to recover from blurriness than AWP, which allows the scout to jump and still fire an accurate shot, though some people regard it as hacker or cheating. This is called the ‘jump scout.’

Jump scout is a pretty advance trick where a scout user jumps and still fires an accurate shot; In order to jump scout, fire on your way down not firing on your way up during jumping.


The price is the most visible advantage of scout against AWP. It is very cheap, but the pay-off is: it is very hard to use and sometimes frustrating that lets the user think that “if you are using AWP, you must have killed that bastard already.”

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