CSGO Trading – Toxicity


How to deal with toxicity? Some people think that the best way to deal with toxic players is to mute them. However, muting them means you are cutting off the communication between one or two or even all of your team mates.

Even in the community of csgo trading (cs go skins), there are toxic players.

Counter strike global offensive is a team game. It is impossible to do something without collaborating with team mates. Carrying a game is only possible when you are playing against lower level players, but when playing against the same skill level as you, you can’t carry the game.

How to deal with toxic players without muting them?

CSGO Trading – Be Rational

Ignore all their lame insults towards you, but take their suggestion in consideration. If they said that they are going to invade bombsite A, you have to follow them even though they insulted you.

Abandon your pride, become a robot, where you don’t care about everything as long as you win the game.

With this, you can perform at your top level while collaborating with your toxic team mates which could lead into winning the game.



Reporting a player is hardly done by players. When someone is toxic, they only fight back and become toxic themselves which is not an ideal action to deal with toxic players.

If you have been insulted and you want to fight back, don’t do it verbally; do it through reporting the person who insulted you. However, don’t just report anything. Reporting a player comes with a little logic. Or else your report would be ignored by the moderators.

Play Really Well

If someone insulted you for your mistake, play really well that will make him eat his words and shut up. Don’t mute them, just ignore everything they say but keep the synchronization with them.

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