CSGO Trading – Worlds Championship


CSGO is a western game. The best players are in western country. There are only few Asian countries who participate in international competition. And if there is an Asian team; they are an underdog in the competition.

CSGO is under steam, a western company. Korea, the home of E-Sports is not participating in the counter strike tournaments. It is all because the Korea does not have a server for counter strike global offensive.

However, starcraft, a western game, is leaded by Koreans. It is just weird that Asian teams are not that big in counter strike global offensive


CSGO Trading – E-Sports

E-Sport is driven by capital. It is possible because of profit. It is a scene that is not going to prosper without the help of money.

There is always money involved.

Players wear their cool shirts with different brands are one of the source of capital in E-Sports.


It is not a big rumor. But there are gossips around saying that E-Sport is like wrestling – it is scripted. It is not scripted because there is a team that dominates in every tournament which is fnatic. If there is a team that dominates the tournament, it is not fun to watch. If they are going to create a script about E-Sports, it is not going to be about domination. They are going to make it exciting.

Therefore, E-Sport is not scripted. It is just a metaphor that some bored buy came up with.

Gaming House

Another is the gaming house. If it is scripted, will company invest in these things? They are seriously train their players to get attention and through attention will attract investors and advertisement.

In summary, the world championship is a big business where strings of companies are connected to earn profit out of youths who are talented in the game.


Furthermore, aside from tournaments there are also called ‘game market’ it is where players go for csgo trading and to purchase cs go skins which is pure aesthetic.

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