CS:GO Skins – Guns, Knives, and Item Customization in Global Offensive

Players appreciate the freedom to customize certain features in their game, especially in games like Warframe, DotA 2, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive where there is a tendency for the gameplay to become repetitive. It gives them identity. It grants them bragging rights. It shows their taste—or even their lack thereof. The Basics of CS Skins and Types Item customization

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[Guide] CSGO AK-47 In-Depth Guide for CS:GO skins Shoppers Part 2

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The first part of this article discussed: Ak-47’s overview, spray pattern and advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will now discuss the tapping, spraying and bursting. We will go in-depth about tapping, sparing and bursting, what are those? When to burst? When to spray? And etc… Such questions will be answered in this article. Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO

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