How CSGO Skins (Actually) Saved Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Would you be willing to spend $400 on CSGO skins? More than half of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s players around the world would. In fact, what really convinced them to stay playing is the wide array of CS skins at your disposal. Find out how CSGO skins actually saved Counter-Strike in our feature below! A New Feature | CS:GO Skins Plenty

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CS:GO Skins – Icarus Fell, Poseidon, and Medusa in Gods and Monsters

Excited for the new skins, weapons, and maps the come with the updates? Well, good news! In this article, three of the coolest weapon skins from the Gods and Monsters collection will be featured—namely the M4A1-S Icarus Fell, the M4A4 Poseidon, and the AWP Medusa. Do note that the availability of skins from the collection is currently restricted to operation

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[Guide] CSGO AK-47 In-Depth Guide for CS:GO skins Shoppers Part 2

CS:GO skins-cs-skins-cs:go-items-cs:go-vs-css

The first part of this article discussed: Ak-47’s overview, spray pattern and advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will now discuss the tapping, spraying and bursting. We will go in-depth about tapping, sparing and bursting, what are those? When to burst? When to spray? And etc… Such questions will be answered in this article. Ak-47 Weapon Guide for CS:GO

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