CSGO Skins: Nuke What Has Changed

A few months back, Nuke has been given a big and much-needed change. But apparently they’re not good enough, so Valve decided to give these alterations a few tweaks to make them even better. And with these minor tune-ups came big improvements, so now players can tote their CSGO skins on this map without a problem.

So, why the need for change? Simple: to boost visual clarity of the map, which is in turn done by cleaning up a lot of the unnecessary graphical fluff from the map. They scrapped all of the yellow bollards by Garage and Secret, which were on the edges on the map. In addition, the metal vents that on mini has been removed; that means less cover to work on. At the same time, developers put a white surface of the fence that Terrorists would usually use as a ramp.


CSGO Skins: New Nuke

For the most part, I think this is a major improvement. The yellow bollards had to go, as they were quite a nuisance to the eyes. It was saddening, however, to see the vents at Mini go the way of the dinosaur, as the multi-angular cover that it offered came along with it. One major gripe pros and experts have with the newest version of Nuke are the various angles that can be held outside by either side. These changes are minor but they are a step in the right direction.

As for the inside the nuclear plant itself, Valve had to get rid of the ladders that were on the silos of both bomb sites. And for Bombsite A, those railings that were above the silos are now also gone. These things had to be removed because they were cluttering up the map, giving its CSGO Skins players much less visibility and mobility.

The B site, on the other hand, had bigger changes. The window and single door of Toxic has been replaced by double doors, and the cover inside this particular section of the map was also reshuffled, while Cubby was given newer stacks of boxes that will obviously be used as covers. All of this, of course, will change how Terrorists and CTs will be positioning themselves in a CSGO Skins firefight in that area.

So, what do you think of the changes done to Nuke? Do you think they’ll be good or bad? Tell us what you think.

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