CSGO Skins: Optic Gaming Too Tricky

It’s been almost two weeks since OpTic Gaming won ELeague Season 2, but we still can’t get over some of the amazing plays they pulled off. Yes, that includes the one with the Tec-9 with CSGO skins. If you haven’t watched it yet, shame on you. Kidding! Just get yourself up to speed and read on. And if you already have, then it’s definitely worth reliving. Pretty sure you’ll agree on that.

Before we  get to the highlights, here’s the lowdown: OpTic Gaming won against Astralis in the ELeague CSGO Season 2 Championship. And aside from bagging the trophy and winning $400,000, they also managed to get bragging rights. On top of all that, the victory, from a professional point of view, has given North America its first ever win in the Counter-Strike eSports scene for over nine years; that was even before CSGO – and CSGO skins, duh – was officially released yet.

But let’s shelf regional pride, because this will always be about OpTic Gaming pride. And why not? After all, they did show their mad skills throughout the tournament. A fan even compiled them in the video above.

CSGO Skins: OpTic-ally Un-FaZe-d

Opening with a FaZe Clan assuming that they’ll be in the semi-finals – which, obviously, didn’t happen, making the whole thing a lot more hilarious – while the match score of OpTic Gaming swells to sixteen while theirs remain at three, the video then proceeds to show the many amazing plays done by the latter’s members.

There’s NAF-FLY with an amazing shoulder-peek; the target wasn’t even exactly in between his crosshairs, but he did nail him, and it’s a headshot to boot. There’s also Stanislaw, taking on four Terrorists; taking out one with an M4A1 with CSGO Skins, and the other three with just a pistol. Last but definitely not least would be tARIK, who managed to kill four opposing players alone; the first one with also an M4A4, and the other three with a Tec-9. And perhaps the most amazing part of that he managed to spot and stop the last one, as he was sneaking up on him.

Indeed, OpTic Gaming has shown that they’re the breakout team of ELeague Season 2. And with amazing things they pulled off in that tournament, CSGO players and analysts are looking forward to what this team will do in future competitions.

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