CSGO Skins: Best Plays For 2016

2016 was a rather exciting year for eSports, especially for CSGO’s eSports scene. So before you look forward to the new CSGO skins this 2017, let’s take a short trip down memory lane and rewatch some of its highlights.

In the earlier half of last year, before Luminosity Gaming changed its name to SK Gaming, the team came up against Liquid Gaming, one of CSGO eSports scene’s most fearsome teams. But despite facing a rather stiff opposition, Luminosity Gaming member Marcelo “coldzera” David showed a feat that is difficult to pull off, to say the least. What was it? Well, he just noscoped three members of the opposing team in a row while jumping, no biggie.

Because of how impressive coldzera’s play was, CSGO’s dev team decided to immortalize it with an artwork of a winged AWP on the van on Mirage’s B-bombsite. Coldzera, in turn, immortalized both the drawing and his shining moment on his skin with ink. Talk about CSGO skins.


CSGO Skins: s1mple Moves

Next on the list is another awesome moment of victory brought about by an AWP. This time, it’s Team Liquid’s s1mple who pulls it off. But unlike coldzera, he doesn’t even fire a single bullet with the AWP in order for him to win in  a game agaist Fnatic in ESL New York. Instead, what he does is throw it over the wall of Dust2’s B-bombsite, distracting Fnatic’s sole defender. And in the span of a nail-biting split-second, s1mple takes out the perplexed lone guard, and then proceeds to diffuse the bomb and secure a win for his team.

But of course, s1mple is also actually good with the AWP – as a weapon. In another game against Fnatic, he dropped down like an AWP-noscoped angel of death and took out two opponents like a lightning strike.

Those two are definitely amazing plays, and I personally think that either one – or both – of them deserve a map artwork as much as what coldzera did, maybe even CSGO skins in honor of them, but it doesn’t get any. Hopefully it will, and rightfully so.

We’re still not done with this throwback. Stay tuned for more pro moves last year.