CSGO Skins: Topping The Charts

ESports was a rather big thing last year, definitely even bigger than the previous ones. Steam’s yearly statistics back that claim up, and statistics, more or less, does not lie. So, what eSports titles did top Steam’s most played? DoTA 2, which we don’t care about because this blog isn’t about that game, and of course, CSGO. No wonder CSGO skins sales were on the rise.

Since we’re already talking about numbers, then let’s get to the actual figures. For 2015, CSGO had around 353,000 players. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s definitely keeping the game alive. Besides, three hundred and fifty thousand players for a four-year old game that isn’t being heavily marketed is impressive.

CSGO Skins: It’s A Numbers Game

As for 2016, the game had three thousand less players. It’s definitely a loss, but it’s not much, so it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. Besides, the fact remains that the game still managed to rank as Steam’s most played for two years straight. Man, Valve must be making lots of money out of CSGO skins right now.

So, will CSGO continue to have a top spot for the most played in what is arguably the biggest internet-based game delivery platform? Hopefully, and more likely than not. Given the trend, with the number of CSGO players hardly budging after an entire year, then it’s highly probable that it’ll be the same case this year.

And to help keep the number on that level, or even take it up a bit, is the upcoming major events for 2017. Among them, the soonest one is the ELeague Major, which will start on January 22. There will be 16 teams that will be competing for victory, so it’ll be undoubtedly an electrifying tournament. More exciting happenings in the eSports scene means more exposure, which means a renewed interest in the game and therefore a rise in the number of players, and of course, new CSGO skins.

So, what do you think of CSGO fares as of late? Are the numbers too low for you, or are they just right? And do you think they’ll go up? Tell us at the comments section below.

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