CSGO Skins Player Spotlight: OnehandFPS

There’s only one man who can play CSGO like a pro with one hand. It’s the aptly named, OneHandFPS, and his mad one-hand FPS skills deserve CSGO skins.

But don’t think OneHandFPS, or Jason – his real first name – is doing this just to show off. So if he’s not trying to be some sort of coolio and Twitch star, then why’s he doing this? Because he loves gaming, especially first-person shooters, so much that he still wants to continue even though his left hand got paralyzed because of a motorcycle accident.

Jason’s backbones, shoulderblade, and right arm, were broken, his spleen exploded, and his left hand was dislocated and lost movement. With his left hand permanently disabled, Jason first thought that his life as a gamer, especially that of a CSGO player that got all these fancy CSGO skins, is over and done. But once a gamer, always a gamer, so Jason took baby steps back into the hobby.

CSGO Skins: Out On A Limb

At first he began playing games that only needed the mouse, such as Diablo 3. And while he did quite well, deep down Jason’s an FPS kind of guy, especially CSGO, so he decided to give the game a try once again. He began with deathmatch mode, sitting in one place on the map, waiting for enemies to come to him so that they can be his prey. It’s not much, but it did give him some aiming practice, and it further boosted his motivation.

Eventually, he came up with a setup that he can work with: keybinding with a Razer Naga MMO Mouse, allowing him to move, aim, and shoot with just his left hand. Slowly but surely, he regained most of his skills. And because his brothers brag to his opponents that he only uses one hand, something the latter refuse to believe, he decided to stream his games, with one cam focused on his mouse. Later on, he became a Twitch streamer with a decent following, and now his fans are asking him to take on new gaming challenges. Jason is very much happy and honored to oblige.

OneHandFPS is without a doubt an inspiration to us all, as he proves that through dedication, passion, and practice, anyone can git gud. Truly, Jason, you deserve to have CSGO Skins based on you.

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