CSGO Skins: Gaben on Reddit AMA

CSGO is without a doubt one of the most important games for Valve. And because of how valuable it is to the company, Gabe Newell, more popularly known by gamers as Gaben (or Lord Gaben, if you’re into that), has stated continuous support for the game. By that he means updates for the game. And when it comes to that, he’s not just talking about CSGO skins, but a much improved Counter Strike experience.

In a reddit AMA with Lord Gaben, somebody asked him about the Source 2 engine for CSGO. This is a new game engine for the game, and it will greatly improve the game.

Below is the direct statement from Lord Gaben himself:

“Source 2 is a bunch of system rewrites. For CSGO, we evaluate these new systems on their individual merits. Some CSGO rework is in progress, such as the UI that utilizes parts of Source 2. Other systems might follow. Some Source 2 systems might never be right for CSGO. Relevant anecdote: When we used to be approached about Source 2 at Majors we would ask “what is it that you’re hoping Source 2 will do for CSGO” and for a while the response was “I expect hitboxes will be better.” Moving everything to Source 2 would not actually solve that problem. We just went ahead and spent time working on better hitboxes.”

CSGO Skins: More Gaben’s Plans

To simplify things, that means CSGO will be using certain parts of the Source 2 engine in order to improve the UI, specifically hitboxes. Because while CSGO is already a satisfying game, especially with all the CSGO skins in the game, it’s always a good thing to make it even better.

Aside from UI and user experience, Lord Gaben has been asked about other future plans for CSGO. He responded with the following:

“As far as a roadmap is concerned, our priorities for 2017 are to replace the UI with Panorama, to make CS:GO available in more territories where a lot of Counter-Strike fans don’t have easy access to it (like China), and anti-cheat. Of course, we’re also planning on continuing to ship bug fixes and new features throughout the year, as in the past.”

Looks like CSGO’s going to even be not only more accessible, but also fairer.

Without a doubt, exciting changes will be coming to CSGO, and they’re going to give players more just CSGO skins as incentives to play.