Better Hitboxes Now, CSGO Skins Later

So you’re a crackshot when it comes to shooters. Yeah, well, if you’re playing CSGO that doesn’t matter, because apparently there’s something wrong with the hitboxes. How bad is the problem? It’s “accurately shoot a certain part but either miss or hit another part” bad, and no CSGO skins can save you from it.

CSGO player and YouTuber Dinowarleaf noticed that when you shoot where your hitbox is aiming at, it’s not where the bullet will land. No, it’s not off by a few inches, but by a lot. For example, if you shoot an opponent’s head, it’s going to hit the chest.

But so what, as long as it hits your enemy and kill him, right? Well, no. To illustrate how big of a problem that is, look at it this way: a headshot, which should’ve taken out your enemy with one bullet, would instead land on the chest, which in turn means he’ll be receiving the least amount of damage. That’s bad, and no CSGO skins compensation would be enough to fix that.

Accuracy Over CSGO  Skins

The reason behind this huge problem is the huge difference between how we see our enemy’s player model, and the way the server sees them, as the later is a few milliseconds behind. If you watch the video (but didn’t listen to Dinowarleaf’s explanation), you’ll notice that there is a blue frame around or behind the player model. That’s the server’s perception of the said model, which is a few inches off from what the player sees.

The instances when this phenomenon becomes the most problematic would be when your enemy is jumping – or maybe when you are. This is because when the enemy’s player model reaches the apex of his jump, the head of the server “view” of the model is a few inches above the head of that of the actual model. So like what’s been previously said before, you’ll hit the chest if you shoot the chest,

Indeed, this is bad. Hopefully Valve, instead of focusing on CSGO skins all the time, would pay some attention to this game-breaking bug. Because in a game like CSGO, accuracy matters.