AK-47 Feature and Weapon Guide for CS:GO Market Shoppers P2

Inarguably, the AK-47 is the best automatic weapon in CS:GO as it is able to one-shot kill targets even with armor, granted that you hit the head or the neck. Even in the old Counter Strike games, most players choose the Terrorist side to take advantage of the AK-47 earlier in the game. As such, the AK-47 is one of the prime choices when choosing which weapon to master first. This series will feature the AK-47’s shooting techniques, spray patterns and recoil compensation, and its properties for CS:GO market shoppers! Find out more in the article below!

ak47 cs:go market review feature

AK-47 Shooting Exercise for CS:GO Market Shoppers

Start by opening an empty server. Any map will do, but we recommend de_dust2_se. Configure the server for training in the console with the following cheats:

  • sv_cheats 1 (enables Cheat Mode)
  • impulse se 101 (16000 money)
  • sv_showimpacts 1 (show impacts)
  • sv_infiniteammo 2 (infinite ammo)

Afterwards, buy your AK-47. Equip some skins from the CS:GO marketplace if you have them, if you so wish. Continuing on, the exercise is pretty simple. Shoot against a wall and try to control your spray pattern. Start with trying to do only single shots, then 2, which also usually land on the exact spot (depending on the weapon), then 3. For the 3rd, try to practice pulling down at the right moment to land all bullets on the same spot. Continue on with 4, and so on. Remember to progress to more shots only when you have mastered on level, or else the exercise would be all for nothing and you wouldn’t have learned one bit.

Understanding Recoil Mechanics for CS:GO Market Shoppers

It takes a lot of practice time to master the techniques we presented above, especially the full spray. To speed up your learning, here are some animated spray patterns, courtesy of bytwowordbird. The first shows the exact spray pattern of the AK-47, while the second shows the movement your mouse needs to do. Try to follow the second pattern with your mouse, attempt to do it in-game.

cs:go market spray patt ak-47 x1cs:go market spray patt ak-47 x2

AK-47 Properties for CS:GO Market Shoppers

cs:go market ak47 2

Price | $2700
Magazine capacity | 30/90
Firing mode(s) | Automatic
Rate of fire | 600 RPM
Used by | Terrorists
Reload time | 2.5 seconds
Movement speed | 215
Kill Award | $300 (Competitive)  | $150 (Casual)
Damage | 36
Armor Penetration | 77.5%
Penetration Power | 200
Hotkey | B-4-2

So, what do you think, CS:GO trading fans? Will the AK-47 be your first mastered weapon? Let us know in the comments and share your tips with us!

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