New CSGO Skins and Map: Canals

There’s something about Italy that makes it so loved by CSGO. Well, to be fair, CSGO features a lot of Middle East and US-based maps, but there’s something about Europe’s boot-shaped country that has charmed Valve into making three maps set in that country. You read that right, three. Valve just added another Italian CSGO Map, and a few CSGO

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Worthy of CSGO Skins: Pros’ Financial And Career Plans

Nobody stays in sports forever. The body ages – that means reflexes slow down, and stamina becomes reduced. Plus, sometime down the line, someone younger, stronger, and has better skills will come along. That’s why athletes rightly invest in their future so they can keep, or even grow the wealth they got from playing. Other than that, some of them

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CSGO Skins: Learning Machines To Counter Cheating

“Cheaters never win,” says an age-old line. It’s true in life, but not in video games, especially CSGO. Speaking of which, the game has been having a problem with cheaters. It’s not a new thing; it’s been happening for quite some time now. But don’t think it’s because Valve doesn’t care. Rather, it’s because the cheaters have so good that

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