Top Overrated and Expensive Items in the CS:GO Market

cs:go market skin

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players value overall aesthetics just as much as their weapon’s accuracy. Do note that these aren’t necessarily the most expensive skins ever sold in CS:GO. Different Items and Skin Types Available in the CS:GO Market Skins make the game a lot more interesting, because they give you a certain identity—and of course, bragging rights when you

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Basic Communication Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers


Communication is probably disregarded during casual play, but in competitive matches, communication is the key on getting a hot streak, or even winning every time. Coordination is as important as aiming, positioning can out power aiming, as good coordinated movements produce clever positioning. Feel free to ignore communication during casual play, because casual play is an arena where you improve

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CS:GO Skins – Guns, Knives, and Item Customization in Global Offensive

Players appreciate the freedom to customize certain features in their game, especially in games like Warframe, DotA 2, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive where there is a tendency for the gameplay to become repetitive. It gives them identity. It grants them bragging rights. It shows their taste—or even their lack thereof. The Basics of CS Skins and Types Item customization

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