Back To CS 1.6: No CSGO Skins

Counter-Strike has been around for more than a decade now. And through the years, the simple yet ever-engaging first-person shooter has undergone a lot of changes, a lot of which are for the better. But even though the franchise as a whole has made a lot of improvements, there are still those who want a bit of nostalgia in their game, and one of them is modder Z00L. No CSGO skins, old player model looks – yes, he just brought Counter Strike 1.6 to CSGO.

While the mod is still in the works, Z00L has already released a trailer of it. And so far it looks good, and by that I mean it’s faithful to the visuals of Counter Strike 1.6. Blocky, sometimes pixilated, and has no rounded edges – that’s how its maps looks like, completely reminiscent of the Counter Strike of old. And like what’s previously said, player models have also been changed to make them look like their older counterparts.


CSGO Skins: None For This Mod

To further add to the nostalgia factor, Z00L has removed from the mod guns that cannot be found in in the original Counter Strike game, so don’t expect to have weapons like FAMAS, Negev, and SCAR-20. It’s a bit of a drag for people who have already become proficient with the weapons that will not be included in the mod, but sometimes gameplay has to take a backseat for novelty. Besides, for players who have never tried CS 1.6 before, this is a good learning experience, as they’ll see what it’s like to play with a more limited arsenal.

And because CSGO skins are exclusive to CSGO, it makes perfect sense that they won’t be in the mod. Still, it would be cool to see what a CS 1.6 map would look like if there were players with CSGO skins running around.

But of course, the mod will be limited by CSGO’s game engine, so that means no player model selection, wallbangs, the tactical shield, and the buying of ammo. After all, nothing’s perfect. Besides, a mod like this deserves credit and appreciating, not nitpicking.

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