Beyond CSGO Skins: A League In Chaos

2016 has been filled with drama for CSGO. And even though the year is already coming to a close, a new hubbub has erupted in its eSports scene. This time, it’s about a big multi-team eSports organization not allowing its players to compete in a certain eSports league. So, does this mean no new eSports-related CSGO skins? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure though: this isn’t good news.

The Professional Esports Association, which is made up of CSGO players, teams, and team owners, has refused to allow its member players to compete in the ESL Pro League.

The players, having been restricted from participating in what is considered as one of the biggest events on the game’s eSports scene, became unhappy with PEA’s decision, to say the least. To express their displeasure, they appointed Scott “SirScoots” Smith to write to the team owners on their behalf. In the letter, he asked the owners and PEA to let the teams compete in any league they choose to, as they were initially led to believe that PEA didn’t have any plans to restrict them doing so. And on top of this, they also wished that communication between them and PEA would be clearer moving forward.

CSGO Skins And More: Learning From What Happened

Given the sensitivity of the issue, SirScoot’s letter was met by owners differently.  Some took it quite well, while there are those who weren’t happy with it, thus causing a few player-owner relationships to be strained.  But rather than dwelling on the confusion and disharmony this particular incident, players, owners, and the PEA itself should learn from it instead.

For PEA, they should be transparent with their players, as this entire fiasco would’ve not happened if they were clear with the players in the first place. For team owners, they must learn to communicate with not only the league, but also with the players of the teams they own. After all, it is the players that earn them their livelihood. And for the players, they should not only be focused on playing the game or on CSGO skins, but also pay attention to the nitty-gritty details of the industry they belong in.

Contrary to popular belief, CSGO eSports life isn’t just about winning matches and getting CSGO skins named after you. Because at times, it’s also about asking the right questions.

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