CSGO Skins: Get Tossed

Throwing and catching guns, especially if it has CSGO skins, isn’t exactly a wise move in CSGO, as it can get you in a very vulnerable position. But in certain cases, doing so leads to victory. This, however, has been rarely done, even by pro players, so it’s still not an advisable move. Still, if done during the right circumstances,

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CSGO Skins eSports Show: Best Reality TV

Aside from getting CSGO skins based on them, CSGO players who are a part of the eSports scene also get a bit of airtime, as there are TV channels that show eSports competitions. But despite their exposure, they’re hardly considered as TV stars. That, however, is about to change, because there’s an upcoming reality TV show about, well, CSGO eSports

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CSGO Skins: Right On The Money

“Which gun should I use?” a question as old as Counter-Strike itself. Regardless of whether the gun in question has CSGO skins or not, this is still what’s being asked. Well, the answer depends on the situation, and one of the factors that dictate the latter would be your money. Because money is one of the things that make the

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