CSGO Skins: I’ll Say It, So Spray It

We’ve already covered spraying and tapping in this site before, but now we’re going to have to revisit it, because we’ll be focusing on one of the two: spraying. But why? Because despite its inefficiency, it can save your life, as you’ll be relying on it in worst-case scenarios, especially when you’re surrounded or under fire and don’t have the

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CSGO Skins: Bringing Back The Graffiti

Back in Counter-Strike 1.3 to 1.6, maps always looked like slices of the urban ghetto, as they’re always littered with graffiti. Because whatever practical purpose the spray paint originally served – most likely for marking key areas – was completely forgotten, as it instead was often used to straight-up vandalize the walls with the spray for no apparent reason. After

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