New CSGO Skins and Map: Canals

There’s something about Italy that makes it so loved by CSGO. Well, to be fair, CSGO features a lot of Middle East and US-based maps, but there’s something about Europe’s boot-shaped country that has charmed Valve into making three maps set in that country. You read that right, three. Valve just added another Italian CSGO Map, and a few CSGO

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CSGO Keys – What Does Rank Means in Counter Strike?


Some people believe that using csgoskins make a person proficient. This is not true. Ranking system of counter strike global offensive is somewhat inaccurate and accurate. It is inaccurate because there are times that you are teamed up with unskilled players. It is accurate because people in global elite are really good players. In team games, the number of win

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A Closer Look to Competitive Matches for CS:GO skins Collectors


Counter strike is now one of the biggest games and features cs go case and skins for players! Counter strike is one of the first games to be an electronic sports platform due to its dynamic mechanics, complex economy management, and balanced map scenario. Today, counter strike did not shrink like other first person shooters in the past, instead counters

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